McRae Kirmse

Registered Assistant

With an unwavering dedication to the financial services industry, McRae Kirmse has amassed a wealth of experience over the course of eight dynamic years. Commencing this journey in March of 2024 at Strategic Alliance as a Registered Assistant, Kirmse quickly demonstrated an innate aptitude for the intricacies of financial management and client relations.


A proud alumnus of the University of Arizona, Kirmse holds a degree in Business Management, reflecting a solid academic foundation that laid the groundwork for a successful career. During his time at the university, Kirmse was not only a committed student but also an active participant in the Delta Chi Fraternity, fostering connections and developing leadership skills that would prove invaluable in the professional arena.


Upon entering the workforce, Kirmse embarked on a remarkable journey at Nationwide Financial, where they honed their expertise in employer-sponsored retirement plans. This experience served as a crucible for developing a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics that govern retirement planning and financial security.


Subsequently, Kirmse transitioned to Fidelity, a pivotal move that marked a three-year tenure as a Relationship Manager. In this role, Kirmse played a crucial part in supporting advisors, ensuring the smooth management of their books of business. This period further solidified their reputation as a trusted professional within the financial services community, with a proven track record of delivering exceptional client service and strategic guidance.


Kirmse is not only defined by their professional achievements but also by their passion for fostering teamwork and community, as evidenced by their involvement in Delta Chi Fraternity. This commitment to collaboration extends into their professional life, where Kirmse consistently strives to create positive and lasting impacts in the financial well-being of clients and colleagues alike.


As Kirmse continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of the financial services industry, their blend of academic excellence, practical experience, and interpersonal skills positions them as a standout professional committed to shaping a secure and prosperous financial future for all.

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